Cynthia Kimball

I Am Mantra


5.5 minute I Am Mantra mp3



I am is one of the most powerful phrases. It is stating who we are. It is commanding the universe to listen to whatever we say after those two little worlds. ‘I am’ is who we are.

When you come to realize the significance of the phrase “I am” you will never again follow it with words like ‘a loser’ or ‘unworthy’. Because every time you say the words, you make a command to the universe.

There is a major significance in almost every belief system across the world from mystical to religious to numerology to mathematics about the importance of the number 108. It has strong power. For a good description, check out this article. (This is an external link)

I recorded the phrase “I am” 108 times in a mantra. It’s 5:36 in length.

This mantra is a great way to focus your mind on what you want. So decide on what you want, what you want your life to be like, or even just the emotion you want to have, and add it to the phrases as you listen.

You can sit and listen to it, lie down, or even do a walking meditation. You can listen to it and chant along with the rising of the sun or as the sun goes down. Whatever feels the best and most powerful to you.

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